Clean. Renewable. Environmentally Friendly.

Leading the solar Revolution Operating in Freetown, Bo, Kenema, to the remotest parts of Sierra Leone.



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Clean Affordable Energy for All.

Leading the Solar Revolution

Operating in Freetown, Bo, Kenema - to the remotest parts of Sierra Leone.

Solar Energy

Clean. Renewable. Environmentally Friendly

About Us


BBOXX (SL) Ltd is an indigenous Sierra Leonean company providing top of the line solar equipment, consultancy, installation and maintenance services in Freetown and across the country, to the most remote areas in the sub-region and beyond. 

Dealers in renewable energy, specializing in the provision of solar energy solutions for households, offices and industries – with state of the art products and world class expertise, BBOXX (SL) Ltd, is on the frontlines. Leading the Solar Revolution.

Why Us

Effective Products. Quality Service.

We’re a people oriented organization, priding ourselves in our ability to deliver.

Every transaction is a promise of exemplary service and customer satisfaction.

Our Services


From car ports to ground installations and roof mounts; BBOXX (SL) Limited has the expertise to meet all your solar and electrical needs.


BBOXX (SL) Ltd provides a one (1) year warranty on all products and installations, as well as bespoke maintenance agreements based on our clients' requirements.


We have the expertise to advise on solar and electrical quandaries ranging from systems design, input on existing systems and restoration of faulty ones.


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